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In 2015, the journey of Suryatej Solar is started.

As in the starting period the company has started working with the name “Surya Renewables India” later some issues have been observed because of the brand name. Then, suddenly after 6 months the name Surya Renewables India has been replaced with the name “Suryatej Solar”. Since the year of establishment with combined efforts of our entire team, we have improved our footprints in Maharashtra state. We have worked in various cities, villages with different range of customers. Today, Suryatej Solar has achieved the milestone of installation of 75,000 litres of water heating system, 122 kwp of solar power generation plants within 3 years across Maharashtra State.

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For installation of solar, the initial cost is higher any other traditional energy resources. Mainly Solar Panels, inverters, and mounting structure have higher cost an entire setup. To recover the investment we have to wait for 3 to 4 years. Solar setup has the warranty of 25 years, if the recovery period of our invested cost is 4 years then we have the additional benefit of 21 years to utilize energy in free of cost.

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