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Water Pump

Many of the rural areas in Maharashtra have problem of grid connectivity but, plenty of water supply is available. In these cases we can install Solar Water Pumping system at the location. It will be available in both AC and DC supply. More.. We as an Team, has installed our water pumps across state of Maharashtra and impoved our footprints in the government sectors also. We have a trained and educated skilled employees with us. Product range start from 1 HP capacity to 25 HP capacity available with us. Suryatej Solar pumping comes as a complete set (Modules, Structures, Controller, Pump and Motor, Wire etc.) we use only delivery pipe of customer. We have many provisions with us and we design pumps according to customer’s requirement. Less..


Solar PV Systems

As on today, this system is trending in various metro cities. Basically Power generation system used for mainly two purposes, firstly to reduce existing utility bills by using On-Grid system. On-Grid system reduces existing utility More.. bill up to 95%. It also called as “Zero Maintenance System” it doesn’t require any kind of maintenance for effective output. Second purpose is to take advantage of electricity even and after there is absence of grid connectivity i.e this system is used as an Backup of electricity for residential home. This kind of system is known as Off-Grid system, by using this system we can reduce our existing utility bills up to 15% but we can take advantage of electricity in absence of grid connectivity. Cost of On-Grid system is cheaper as compared to Off-Grid. Less..


Water Heater System

Solar water heating system uses sunlight instead of grid connectivity to heat the water. Suryatej Solar has installed approx. 75000 litres of water heating system in across state of Maharashtra within 3 years of establishment. More.. Solar water heating system has mainly two types 1. Flat Plate Collector Type 2. Evacuated Tube Type Flat plate collector type is most reliable and highly efficient type solar water heating system. Cost of the same higher as compared to Evacuated tube type system. This system has warranty of Five years. Evacuated tube type is cheapest system. Today, everyone in India has asking for this type of solar water heaters. System cost and type varies according to the size, capacity and material specification. Less..


Street Light

Today, human has invented many things in street lights like application of Motion Sensors, In built CCTV Camera, application Li-ion batteries etc. Solar street has was range according to its capacity and technical specifications. More.. your battery by using sunlight then Peoples are giving priority to solar street lights instead of grid connected lights. Once, if your recharged the street light can gives you output for next 3 days (Considering no sunlight available for next 3 days). Suryatej Solar also deals in this range of products. Solar street lights comes with basically three patterns- 1. Normal Street Light 2. Semi-Integrated Street Light 3. Integrated Street Light. Prices of the street lights are also varies with respect to the specification, facilities and type of street lights. Less..


Commercial Systems

Considering todays need, many of the corporate offices, Manufacturing units, Hotels, Hospitals etc are generating their own power by using solar power generating systems. Rooftop PV systems on residential buildings typically More.. feature a capacity of about 5 to 20 kilowatts (kW), while those mounted on commercial buildings often reach 100 kilowatts or sometimes it goes around 1 megawatts and so on. Annual Savings and Payback of the system is more profitable as compared to the residential systems. Less..


Recyling Rubbish

Today, many of the products are going to be work and invented on renewable energy resources. Human has invented another product for recycling rubbish. Many of the countries has started to use this featured product. More.. This product comes with three different variants which depends upon the sizes. It comes with many of the security system as well as inbuilt Wi-fi connectivity. It has capacity to store more than 6 times of rubbish in the same amount of space. Less..



Solar energy will not produce any toxic substance/items while generating energy, and the source on which energy is get produced has an endless supply of power from SUN and this is the main Advantage of Solar Power.


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